Eggs that need to be cracked

I was recently presented with an opportunity. As a graduate, it is no lie, that I am indeed looking for a job. I’ve had somewhat success in my journey of finding the perfect job. Though for me, it isn’t enough. The problem is, I’ve got a bit of a dilemma, you see having ADHD often [...]


Keyboard Warrior

“Games are inducing violence” “Games make you lazy” “You’ve been playing games all day, do something productive” We’ve all heard at least one of these at some point in our lives. Why is it that playing games usually comes with a stigma attached? What is it about games that make the generations before us, hate [...]

Relationships? at what cost?

Relationships? at what cost? I thought I’d start my first journal piece by touching on a very popular, yet controversial topic. I’d again like to touch on the subject that anything written in this journal, is purely based on my research and experiences; Though this post is mostly aimed at my experiences tackles mostly ADHD [...]