Eggs that need to be cracked

I was recently presented with an opportunity. As a graduate, it is no lie, that I am indeed looking for a job. I’ve had somewhat success in my journey of finding the perfect job. Though for me, it isn’t enough. The problem is, I’ve got a bit of a dilemma, you see having ADHD often comes surrounding a stigma. For me, my ADHD is my strength. Companies, look at me as if I was a liability that needs looking after in the workplace. So, in a bid to tackle this, I often choose not to disclose my neurological disorder. As I said before, I recently got an offer and the work I’d be required to do, is nothing but sit in an office crunching numbers. It comes with a heavy heart, that I’ve declined this offer. You see, this is not who I am meant to be. I am someone who thinks outside the box, I am incredibly ambitious. My ADHD allows me to hyper-focus on my job, allows me to surpass all my essential needs such as eating, sleeping…etc.

I’d like to start by explaining that this is an extremely personal post. This is about me, no one else. My ambitions, my personal goals. People look at my CV and all they see, is just another academic who has just graduated. This is not who I am. Everything I do, everything I say, is to constantly better myself and those around me as individuals. There are those whose ambitions are to have a family, close relationships, and emotional happiness altogether. Though, I must admit, there is happiness in this. The phrase “Money does not buy you happiness”  is certainly true. People may look at me as a wolf, who wants nothing more than to make a lot of money, but that is not my goal. Money represents only the amount of value I am worth to the company and nothing else. For me, it’s about the high stressful workplace. It’s about, working day and night for a job. It’s about climbing up, It’s about the journey. I am good at what I do, simply because this is my main goal life. I do not want a relationship, nor do I want a family. I want to be successful at what I do best. I do not find happiness, in eating, in drinking, in socialising. I see these as essential needs for me, once they have been fulfilled, I can carry on with my ambitions. I have extremely personal friends and close relationships and for that, I am thankful. Though I am quite distant, I always see beauty in all our friendships. This is a post to explain to everyone that they special. Having my family and cherishing those little moments, are incredibly important to me, I do see the happiness in that. However, for me, it’s mainly about the climb. This is what brings me happiness, on all accounts. It is not about the money, it’s about having a sense of purpose. Using my abilities and the skills given to me by biology to better myself and those around me.


Everyone is special, everyone has their own skills and abilities. No one should settle. If you want to have a family as a goal, then by all accounts, do it. If you want to be produce something to contribute to our society, then do it. Whatever your goal may be, make sure you don’t settle and hold out until the very end. A scenario triggered this post. I was in a formal business setting, when I was asked to solve numerical problems using a pen and paper. This, as small as you think it is, absolutely infuriated me. All I could think about, was that I could write an application in less than 5 minutes, to solve all these numerical problems in seconds. Why was I asked to do this in such a traditional and conventional way? This is not who I am. I believe in Innovation above all else. Humans, no longer need to so efficient in numerical issues. We have machines that produce all this for us. We can write programs, we can use programs that already exist to do this for us. Our job, is to produce innovative ideas and be thoughtful of the processes that will push the companies forward. Rather than doing the same thing repeatedly.


There was once a scenario that my family taught me ever since I was little. I didn’t quite understand it at the time, but you can sure bet, I can understand it now. “There was a captain, who spoke to three of his sailors. He said to the sailors, I bet your wages that none of you can sit this egg upright on this table. I can do it. I will show it afterwards. The sailors, continuously attempting to sit the egg upright on the table, however, failed, over and over. The captain walks over and simply cracks the egg on the table leaving half of it broken, yet the egg, sits upright. The sailors proceed to tell him this is “Cheating”. The captain then says, It’s only cheating, because you didn’t do it.” This is a very broad example, but the lesson is there. You don’t have to stick to traditional methods if you find a method that’s far more efficient to do so. No one would think to crack the egg. That’s why they failed. They did not see, what was right in front of them, simply because they were conditioned all their life’s that the egg could not be cracked. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you, yet you cannot see it. You only see your conditioning that the egg must remain intact. Everything must be conventional and traditional. To that, I say no way; Every company that has been successful in surpassing the market, has done it through innovative methods. If you wish to take your company forward, don’t copy the trends that other companies set, simply invent your own. This is my biggest strength, you could argue it is because of my ADHD, but to me, I have always grown up this way.


Ever since I’ve become a teenager, it seems that I cannot do certain childish things in my own time. I cannot listen to Disney, I must sit upright, I must act in an adult fashion, even with my family. The insult “Stop being such a child” remains a big one today. This is a vulgar insult, although I do present myself in a professional manner, in my spare time and the music I listen to, is my own choice. I choose to do so, because listening to these songs, that I listened to as a child, brings memories of a time in my life where I was pure. By doing so, it allows me to see through my conditioning. Napoleon Bonaparte once explained, children are the purest humans. They have not yet been conditioned, they see things for the way that they are, rather than the coating we all see it through. By seeing things, the way, they are, rather than the condition, we can come up with new ways of thinking solutions. Before my boxing fights, and whilst I was competing in rollerblading, I would always listen to Disney and I would often be joked about. However, because I was able to do so, I would always look at new things and new ways to compete. The lesson here, is simple. Do not let anyone judge you for what you do, focus on yourself and bettering who you are. There is a reason for everything you do, and you most certainly do not have to explain your personal reasons to anyone.


For now, I am still looking for job offers, I will only take a job that will value me for who I am and allow me to work my mind for the way it was meant to. If that means being an entrepreneur, then so be it. As Steve jobs once said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the universe, are usually the ones who do”. If you want to be happy, then fight for something you believe, whether you want to be a CEO or just enjoy the simple moments with your family. You will always have to fight, there is no way out, but the moment you give in and settle, that’s when you will fall. Stay, and fight.


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